OT Month

Low Prep & Free Activities to Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month With Your Caseload

April is Occupational Therapy Month!! Are you looking for ways to celebrate OT month with your caseload? If you are looking for easy to use no prep activities for OT month then you are in the right place! By the end of this blog post, you will have 4 ideas and access to free resources that you can use in your OT sessions this week.

All of the resources in this blog post can be found in the FREE Resource Library. After joining, you will get access to these resources and MORE! Click HERE to join the Free Resource Library and grab the password.

  1. OT Month Coloring Pages & Bookmarks: First, we have a a coloring activity where students can color sheets to celebrate meaningful occupations or bookmarks to celebrate OT month! These bookmarks are fun to decorate while working on fine motor skills, while also promoting OT Month.

2. Self Care Challenge: Every year during OT month, I am always thinking about self care. It is so important as occupational therapists that we take time for ourselves to fill our cup! It is also important to help our clients learn those skills as well. This free bingo activity has self care activities for you and a separate activity sheet for your students. There is also a bonus self care check list that you can use anytime with your caseload to identify self care activities that work for them.

3. OT Month Cryptogram: Cryptograms are quite possibly my favorite activity to use during my OT sessions! They address handwriting, visual perceptual skills, and direction following all while challenging the student to crack the codes to find words or letters. In this activity, students will learn about examples of meaningful occupations. You can also find more cryptograms in my TPT store by clicking here!

4. Sloth Visual Scanning Freebie: I think the best way to celebrate OT month is by providing YOU with useful resources for your sessions. This free activity is no prep and easy to use!

I hope you have an amazing April and Occupational Therapy Month! What are your favorite ways to celebrate OT month? Don’t forget to join the FREE Resource Library for access to these resources and more!


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